Friday, February 10, 2012

Taco Bell Breakfast
Taco Bell Breakfast - YUM!
Taco Bell  breakfast is the new exciting talk of the office.  They call this amazing new concept "FirstMeal" as a complement to their existing late night binge concept called "FourthMeal".  This sounds like how a hobbit would refer to their various meals: second lunch, first breakfast and so on.

A total of 11 breakfast items are available on their breakfast menu including sausage, egg, steak or bacon burritos, wraps and hash browns starting at $1.49.

It's a more effective use of their space and it makes sense for any restaurant to serve all possible meals, even if they have to make up new meals to justify mass consumption -- they have the equipment, hiring process, and are already paying rent on the space, why not use it for another meal?   Good for them.  Maybe if the people who created the menu were put on commission, they would have come up with this crap long ago.
So, now it's more of a time management issue such as determining who opens the store, when to make the transition from breakfast only to lunch only.  These are the complex issues that are the basis of modern overstress that make people go ballistic (or postal as you Yanks say).  Let's hope they get it right, for all of our sakes.